The aim of Academic Development and Support on the Vaal Triangle Campus is to support and develop academic staff and students on all aspects of teaching and learning. ADS invites lecturers and students to fully utilize the services of the unit offers for the achievement of teaching and learning excellence.

The services rendered to academic staff include the following:

  • Support for newly appointed lecturers through: Organizing and presenting an orientation day for new lecturers twice annually, managing the process for Institutional Course for New Lecturers (ICNL) on campus and providing an ADS Starter pack containing all relevant information, resources and links that a new lecturer might need
  • Managing the process for the Institutional Teaching Excellence Awards (ITEA) on campus
  • Organizing the annual Teaching and Learning Seminar on campus
  • Support in terms of Instructional/Curriculum Design
  • Study guide development and activation
  • Exam paper development and analysis
  • eFundi support and training (The NWU Learning Management System)
  • Technical support and training in the use of TurnItIn (to check for plagiarism)
  • Support and advice on the use of Technology in the classroom
  • Research on the use of Technology for teaching and learning purposes
  • Semester and lesson planning
  • Continuous Professional Development (CPD) of academic staff

ADS also plays a role in Internal/External Program Evaluation (IPE/EPE), HEQF and support in the application for and development of new qualifications.

Our Vision:

Leave no one behind!


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